How to Set Up Pin Code Access on Your Subaru
By Alex Gauthier

Not sure about you but for me it seems like finding running clothes with enough pockets for the phone, keys, nutrition stuff and more is getting to be more challenging. Other times, I want to leave my key fob for the Outback someplace safe. But how to keep the vehicle secure, leave my key behind and yet not get locked out…


Enter Pin Code Access. This feature has been around since about 2014 and while it isn’t available on all Subaru models and trim levels it is pretty widely available nowadays. Here’s how it works; you disable the keyless entry feature on your car and then you program a five digit code at your trunk or lift gate. After you lock your car and head out (leaving the fob hidden inside the vehicle) you can return after your adventure and unlock your driver’s side door by tapping the five digit code you set on the trunk release or lift gate lock button.


Check out the video below to get detailed instructions for the procedures needed to put this cool feature to use. 


Pro tip: While, Pin Code Access is pretty handy, what’s even better is Starlink. Starlink let’s you use your phone to unlock the car AND you can even remotely start the vehicle and get your windows defrosted and seats nice and warm before you get ready to brave mornings like the one I’m writing this post on (very “Colorado-y”)

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