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About Heuberger Subaru

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Heuberger Subaru is proud to call Colorado Springs our home! We’ve proudly served our customers since 1970, delivering a level of commitment to the community born out of a deep love for the area and the individuals who make it so great. We’re more than just a car dealer, and our dedication to excellence in everything we do has been awarded by Subaru of America. Read on to discover the many reasons why our Subaru dealership in Colorado Springs is a Subaru Heart In Hand recipient.

Local Subaru Sales in Colorado

With a convenient location at 1080 Motor City Drive in Colorado Springs, Heuberger Subaru is just a short drive away for our friends in Woodland Park, Pueblo, Monument and Castle Rock. Plus, we offer courtesy car delivery for any customer located in Colorado.  Heuberger customers enjoy great perks like having your new Subaru’s first service visit covered by us and a complimentary year of Starlink on us. We even have a full-service coffee bar with a barista to make your favorite beverage while you wait. Find out more when you stop by our store!

Our Dedication to Customer Service

While every car dealership will tell you they have excellent customer service, Heuberger Subaru takes it to another level. This is what it means to us:

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We strive to provide the most accurate pricing possible for you regardless of whether you’re leasing a new Subaru, buying a used car or just getting auto service. Our website allows you to see pricing, adjust finance terms and view your payments in real-time. There’s no phone tag or being forced to visit our store to see payment terms.

Fair Pricing:

While other nearby car dealers are taking advantage of market conditions to over-charge for vehicles, Heuberger Subaru would rather earn your loyalty. That’s why our pricing routinely beats the competition. But fair pricing isn’t enough…

Good Communication:

We know you care about more than just pricing, so we do our utmost to provide clear, concise and effective communication about your purchase or service visit. We utilize your preferred method of communication to be sure you get the most timely and accurate information possible.

Low Pressure:

For most people, a vehicle is their largest purchase after a home. We understand that buying a car is not a decision to be rushed or taken lightly. What may be routine for us is anything but for you. We respect and understand your need to think things through, and specialize in creating a no-pressure, stress-free atmosphere. Take your time, we’re not going anywhere!

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Heuberger Subaru Awards & Accolades

We certainly think we offer great service, but don’t just take our word for it. Our CO Subaru dealership has been repeatedly recognized for our outstanding customer service by both Subaru and the local community. The Colorado Springs Independent’s readers have recognized Heuberger Subaru with The Best of Colorado Springs Gold Award for Best Car Dealership for more than ten consecutive years.

Heuberger Subaru in the Community

The Heuberger family and all of our employees are deeply committed to being more than just a great place to purchase a car. It simply isn’t enough to offer great products — we need to go above and beyond. We believe that it’s equally important to give back to the city we call home and we work to do that every day. To be specific:

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We engage with nonprofits and local government to help pets find forever homes as well as lead rich lives. Each year, we raise funds for animal shelters like Teller County Regional Animal Shelter and the Pikes Peak Region Humane Society. We have also been an El Paso County Partner in the Park for over 12 years, donating at least $10,000 each year to support Bear Creek Regional Dog Park and Fox Run Dog Park up North.


We partner with Subaru of America each year to donate critical supplies for those experiencing homelessness. Working with local nonprofits, we’ve donated hundreds of blankets, socks and more to the people in the community that are most vulnerable.


Each year we donate thousands of dollars in school supplies as well as work with Subaru of America to allocate flexible spending to individual classrooms in need, including at West Elementary School in Old Colorado City. We like to try and spoil our partner school’s teachers a little bit as well. They deserve it!

The Planet:

We like to do our part to keep Colorado Springs and the rest of the planet in good health. Through Subaru of America’s Subaru Loves the Earth initiative, we collect difficult-to-recycle waste like coffee cups, snack wrappers, coffee pods, air filters and more and send it to TerraCycle. That waste is then turned into useful items like playground equipment. We also work with local nonprofits to clear pet waste from local parks and trail systems! Colorado Springs is lucky enough to have a vast network of trails for running, hiking, riding bikes or just walk our dogs on. We believe that improving, expanding and maintaining those trails is vital to the quality of life we are all trying to cultivate in Colorado Springs.


Veterans make up the backbone of the Colorado Springs community. With service members from Fort Carson, Schriever Space Force Base and The Air Force Academy making their homes in Colorado Springs, the city is very much a military town. And because many of our employees are also veterans, we understand how much military families enrich our city and believe in taking care of them as well. Besides offering Subaru military discounts, we also work with charities like Victory Service Dogs. This organization provides service animals and training to veterans in need of their own service dogs.

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That’s only just the beginning. Visit our community commitment page or follow us on social media to learn more about all we are doing to make Colorado Springs a wonderful place to live. We’re always making a new effort — it’s the most important reason for us to come to work every day!

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