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Subaru is the vehicle manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI). In 1953, FHI merged with five other companies, including Fuji Kogyo, Fuji Jidosha, Omiya Fuji Kogyo, Utsunomiya  Sharyo, and Tokyo Fuji Sangyo to create the FHI that exists today.

This conglomeration created its first prototype passenger vehicle in 1954 and called it the Subaru 1500. Quickly following the introduction of the Subaru 1500, the company introduced one of Subaru's earliest cars: the Subaru 360. First introduced in 1958, it gained immense popularity in Japan because of its functionality and affordability and was in continual production until May 1970.

In 1966, Subaru released the Subaru 1000. This was the first compact passenger car to utilize the boxer engine. This gave the car fantastic stability. The Subaru 1000 also featured numerous technological advancements, including a comfortable front-wheel-drive platform, inboard brakes, and an independent four-wheel suspension system. The next year, Subaru released the four-door sedan version of the 1000.

Here in the United States, Subaru first made its official appearance in 1968 with a headquarters in Philadelphia. Shortly after that, it relocated to Pennsauken, New Jersey, and then on to Cherry Hill, New Jersey where the current U.S. headquarters sits.

Subaru's next milestone vehicle made its debut in June 1971, the Subaru Leone sedan. A year later, in September 1972, Subaru released a four-wheel drive Station Wagon version of the Leone. This was the first time a four-wheel-drive system was offered on an ordinary passenger vehicle. The Leone quickly became the world's best-selling four-wheel drive passenger car, making it no surprise that Subaru is now considered one of the leaders in four-wheel-drive technology.

In January 1985, Subaru unveiled the XT (Alcyone) at the Detroit Auto Show. This was the first model to be released in North America before it made its appearance in Japan-but Subaru wasn't done yet. In 1989, the first generation Legacy made its debut. Currently considered one of the most popular vehicles in Subaru's lineup, the first-ever Legacy featured a horizontally-opposed 2.0-liter engine along with an AWD system in the Subaru tradition. With a completely new vehicle design, it delivered high-quality driving performance.

Another Subaru legend made its debut in November 1992, the first-generation Impreza. With its compact, sporty design, and powerful combination of AWD, its engine, and suspension, the Impreza never failed to deliver.

In the late 1990s, we saw the debut of the Forester. It was one of the first models in what is now known as the crossover segment. It offered the "best of both" worlds with excellent driving performance for rough driving conditions matched with a comfortable ride for passengers.

Since then, Subaru has continued to make strides in technology, safety, design, and performance and is committed to delivering the best possible vehicles to the world.  At Heuberger Subaru, we are committed to upholding the excellence that we've come to know and love about Subaru.  Stop in to see our commitment to our brand and our customers!

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