You have questions, we have answers. Many times, you just need a quick answer to a question you suspect is pretty common. That's what this page is for. We've gathered some of our most commonly addressed questions here for you. There are a ton of other great resources for more in-depth information including the manual for your car available at a glove box near you or on the Subaru of America website.

If there is a specific servicing question that you still find yourself needing answers to, we invite you to give our servicing team a call at (888) 747-0089. We are more than happy to help, and can even schedule a service appointment for you if you'd like.

Q: What should I do if my Check Engine Light comes on and why does my cruise light flash?

A: Well it depends. There are sensors that detect problems with your fuel combustion, exhaust and oil level which can all trigger a Check Engine Light. A solid Check Engine Indicator is usually a minor concern that should be addressed when it's convenient to visit our device department next. A flashing light is pretty rare but we do see it sometimes. This indicates an important condition that must be addressed right away. You'll want to pull over safely and call roadside assistance to have your car brought to us before you continue to drive it. If you see a Check Engine condition along with a flashing Cruise Control indicator, it means your car's computer has determined that whatever problem it detected could affect driving performance and has disabled cruise control to avoid this.

Q: What is the Subaru Roadside Assistance number?

A: 1-800-261-2155. They can tow you to the nearest authorized Subaru service center with some exclusions.

Q: What do all the lights on my dash come on when I first start it and then go off?

A: Not to worry. When you first start your car, it performs a quick self-diagnostic to detect issues. All lights should come on momentarily and then extinguish.

Q: What does the Tire pressure light mean?

A: Your Subaru has sensors that detect tire pressure and will cause this light to light if they detect an abnormal tire pressure situation. You'll probably notice if you have a flat tire without the need of the light but if this indicator comes on, do check your pressure. Tire pressure affects your gas mileage, life of your tires and driving performance so it's definitely worth keeping on top of this. You can have us fill your tires with a nitrogen mix to avoid temperature extremes affecting tire pressure or just use normal compressed air and keep a close eye on the pressure throughout the seasons.

Q: Why do my tire pressures change, do I have a leak?

A: Not necessarily. Tire pressure can be affected by differences in air temperature, altitude as you drive up and down mountain passes, or yes possibly with a leak. If the weather seems to be fair without much fluctuation in temperature and you are mostly driving at the same altitude then you may want to have your tires inspected for a slow leak if they seem to lose pressure. Otherwise, you're probably experiencing normal pressure changes. Ask about a nitrogen fill to minimize these environmental factors.

Q: What is the blue light on my dash when my car is first started?

A: This light indicates that your engine is not yet at optimum operating temperature. As your engine warms up, the fluids circulate better and everything stabilizes. We advise you to drive gently until the light goes out to minimize the wear on your engine and drive-train components.

Q: Why does my car idle fast when it first starts?

A: When first started, your Subaru's computer will tell the engine to run at higher speed until it reaches operating temperature.

Q: Does my warranty cover damage to the body or mechanical components resulting from an accident?

A: It does not. Contact your insurance provider or that of the other party involved in the accident if your car is damaged in this way.

Q: My Subaru has sustained some body damage, do you have a body shop that can repair it?

A: Heuberger Motors does not have a body shop. We can help you find a reputable body shop should you need one. Just give us a call. 888-747-0089

Q: How do I properly check my oil?

A: In your engine compartment you'll see a yellow dipstick with a small engine oil icon on it. With your engine cold before driving it and on a level surface, remove the dipstick and wipe off any oil on a rag or paper towel. Insert the dipstick again, remove it and examine where the oil comes to on the bottom of the dipstick. It should be in the "normal" range printed on the metal of the dipstick. If you need an oil change, come by Heuberger Subaru and our Subie Lubie will get you in and out as quickly as possible. 

Q: Will Heuberger Motors check my fluids for me?

A: Absolutely, just come on by anytime we are open and we will check them for you at no charge without the need of an appointment.

Q: Why do my tires have "Green Valve Stem Caps"? 

A: Every new car Heuberger Motors sells has "lifetime Nitrogen charge" in the tires. Green valve stem caps indicate that your tires have Nitrogen in them. Nitrogen charge is simply a process of removing a higher percentage of the oxygen from your tires increasing the percentage of nitrogen. This adds to fuel economy, by reducing fluctuation in tires pressures as a result of temperature and elevations changes. It also keeps the tires running at a more consistent temperature thus reducing excessive wear by overheating and keeping your tire pressure monitoring system accurate. Nitrogen Charge is provided to you free of charge for as long as you own your new Subaru from Heuberger Motors. Should you ever need them refilled or checked feel free to stop by our service drive for assistance. If you happen to be out of the area it is ok to simply fill your tires with regular air, when you return to our facility just ask us to recharge your nitrogen in your tires.