My name is Josh Martin and I am an Internet Forum Specialist here at Heuberger Motors. As we have had such great growth and success with our forum community, Heuberger added me to help all the great members of:, AWD Pirates, Dirty Impreza, and to get the new or CPO Subaru of their dreams (unless that dream it the mystical USDM Outback turbodiesel with a manual, then I can just dream with you).


I am a Colorado Native. Born in Gunnison, raised here in Colorado Springs. I lived in the SF Bay Area in for nearly as long as I've lived here I Colorado, so I claim that as my other home.


The biggest thing to know about me is I am a total gearhead. I love cars! I love old cars like my grandpa's Volvo P1800 (so much so that I have one without wiring sitting in my garage). I love fast cars (Italian V12? Yes, Please). I love car sounds ( a C7R on the Mulsanne Straight). I love cars that just do a great job of being a car (insert Subaru plug here J). More than anything, it has been the gritty rally cars that have captured my imagination. Starting with old videos of quattros in Group B lead to a fascination with RS Cosworths and any Lancia with number on the side on to Collin McRae crashing an Impreza Turbo through a Welsh forest and love for Subarus. After many years of old beaters and project cars ('project' and 'daily driver' don't mix that well) I finally got my Rally Car, a 2015 Subaru WRX in Galaxy Blue. It puts a smile on my face every time I drive it, even if that's in traffic on the way to work. 


Beyond cars, I love sports, mainly hockey (Av-a-lanche!) baseball (Lets go Giants!) and Soccer (come on you Gooners!), Bicycling (a crazy roadie in spandex) and skiing when I can find time. 


I'm delighted to share that my wife and I just had our first child, a little boy who I can turn into a Subaru loving car freak, just like me.

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