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If you're in the market for a new vehicle and want to understand the benefits of buying vs. leasing a Subaru, visit the experts at Heuberger Subaru. The Subaru sales and auto financing professionals at our Subaru dealership in Colorado Springs, CO, will conduct a thorough lease vs. buy analysis, so you can make the decision that's best for your needs. No matter if you're interested in buying a Forester, leasing a Crosstrek or financing a used car, our team will help you through every step of the process. And with exclusive Subaru lease and finance incentives available, getting the keys to a new Subaru you love is now easier than ever.

Buy or Lease a New Subaru near Me

Get a start on the car-buying or -leasing process by checking out the new Subaru inventory in person at our Colorado Springs dealer. If you don’t want to have to think twice about your next road trip, buying a new Subaru Ascent may be a wise choice. Searching for a fuel-efficient Subaru Legacy that's perfect for your everyday commutes? If so, we have plenty of Subaru lease options that may be perfect for your situation. In fact, leasing a Subaru is ideal for Colorado drivers who want to upgrade every few years to a new Subaru model that's equipped with the latest features. Or, if purchasing your next vehicle is a top priority and you want to take advantage of exclusive Subaru ownership benefits, we recommend meeting with our Subaru finance team.

Still unsure whether leasing vs. buying a car is right for you? Browse our Subaru specials and view our buy vs. lease Subaru comparison chart below for more details.

Buying a Subaru Subaru Lease
Ownership Pay for complete ownership of the vehicle and have its title in your name Pay for use of your new Subaru and upgrade to a new model once the lease reaches its maturity date
Mileage Limits No mileage restrictions Mileage restrictions are determined by lease terms
Down Payment Normally comes with a higher down payment Subaru leases generally come with lower down payments and less money upfront
Monthly Subaru Payments Typically higher monthly payments Generally lower monthly payments
Subaru Maintenance/Wear Responsible for any repairs not covered in your Subaru warranty Required to get service according to the recommendations at Heuberger Subaru
Customization Customize your Subaru as you please Customizing leased Subaru models is prohibited

Still unsure if it's better for you to lease or buy a car? Schedule an appointment with the financing team at Heuberger Subaru in Colorado Springs, CO. We'll work with you so that you can make an informed Subaru leasing or buying decision.

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