Car Shopping in the Time of Corona Virus

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There’s really no way that you could not already be thinking and planning how your life may be impacted by the Corona Virus pandemic sweeping the glove at this time. You’ve hopefully taken care of essentials like food, how you’ll continue to work remotely or about how the virus may impede your ability to work, play and relax. Having done those mental calculations you’ve decided to still purchase a vehicle; Here’s some information about how Heuberger Motors is mitigating risk of infection at our store and simple things you can do to reduce your potential exposure in the community.


Shop Online

Our website has several features from remotely filling out credit applications to detailed model research on all Subaru models. Our team is fully equipped with the latest tools to send you very detailed information about your potential purchase. We can even ship paperwork as needed for signatures etc.


Using our new Express Store it’s possible to calculate payments and add any accessories or protection programs to your car deal. Simply enter the portal using the “Build My Deal” button on any of our inventory listings. Simply enter down payments, your credit score,  if you know it (or even have our website pull your credit if you are ready to take that step). Once you begin this process, our sales team will be in touch to help with any questions you might have about your specific car deal.


By shopping this way, you needn’t expose yourself or your family more than is absolutely necessary but still address your car buying needs.


At Our Store

If you spend any time at Heuberger Motors, you’ll already know that we pride ourselves on a neat and tidy showroom and waiting area. On top of that, our restrooms are regularly and throughly cleaned throughout the day. We already maintain high standards of cleanliness in our store so the only thing we’re changing is a little extra vigilance.


Our employees have been asked to pay extra attention to hand-washing and are unlikely to shake your hand at this time. There’s something traditional and reassuring about a respectful handshake when doing business so our staff may opt for the elbow bump or an air high-five instead!


We’ve asked that employees at our store work remotely when possible and that they stay home if they are sick. Because of this precaution, please try to be patient with us if we need to assign a different staff member to you if you visit our store. We continue to monitor the public health situation and will step up these measures as needed.


All-in-all, we hope you and your family get through this pandemic in good health and good spirits. If you need service on your vehicle or would like to purchase parts or a new vehicle, Heuberger Motors stands ready to serve your needs.

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