If you’ve heed our advice to definitely sign up for the Pikes Peak APEX, assuming you like mountain biking, then you may be wondering exactly what may be in store for you during these admittedly tough sounding stages.


You can read in detail about each stage on the Pikes Peak APEX website but since Stage One is specifically sponsored by Heuberger Motors we thought we’d take the time to give you a leg-up on the dirt about this stage of the race! If you don’t feel like reading all this, then just watch this video.


The Pikes Peak APEX starts up on day one with about ten miles of single track located in Palmer Park within Colorado Springs. (All stages take place around Colorado Springs). Mountain Bike Project lists around 18 trails officially in its database and the long story short is that you can pretty much expect to cover all 18 in Stage One of this race with probably some notable exceptions. Essentially, if you want to train for Stage One, just go ride every trail in Mountain Bike Project.


Palmer Park is a regional  park in Colorado Springs a few miles Northeast of the downtown area. This popular and highly trafficked spot has been recognized by Elevation Outdoors  as the Best Urban Park in Colorado. Once owned by Matt France in 1873 the property was sold to Henry Austin who then turned the area into pasture for his flock of sheep. The area became known as Austin Bluffs at that time. William Jackson Palmer, founder of Colorado Springs, later donated this land as well as the land housing most of the other most popular parks in Colorado Springs to the city for use as parkland. Colorado Springs residents are lucky to have access to amazing urban parks and if you haven’t ventured into Palmer Park just yet, this will be a great opportunity to check this box.

The Trail

Palmer Park is characterized by rolling terrain and lots of sandstone. The trails are designed more for hiking and lots of braiding and social trails mean that this area is generally a little more technical than flowing. That’s not to say that Palmer is extreme in technical difficulty. You can expect to climb short, sometimes steep sections with step-ups and a mixed trail surface of sandstone, and sand or gravel. On the higher elevation sections you’ll have stunning views of Colorado springs and Pikes Peak. From the top of its promontories you can preview the following three stages of the race as all that terrain is visible from Palmer Park. If you are wondering which bike to ride on this Stage we might suggest a capable trail bike since the stage is on the shorter side but is possibly the most technical of the stages.


Be sure to visit our booth before or after your race day is done and look out for our support riders who can give you some assistance with mechanical issues or just moral support should you need it! We hope to see you on the trail!