Prepare Yourself for the Next Winter with the All-Weather Package from the Subaru Lineup

Sometimes, the winter months are harsh and unforgiving. No matter how hard you prepare, they have a way of catching you off guard especially if you're an enthusiast of outdoor activities year-round in the Cascade and Fountain areas. Luckily for you, the Subaru lineup is well-prepared to handle the coldest days up on the mountain with a package of available features designed to handle the worst of conditions. Our new Subaru inventory is filled with options that can handle the worst that winter will throw at you and make sure you can take the time to enjoy all that it has to offer.

Colorado Springs drivers, when they make their way to the mountain for some skiing fun, will discover that the trip won't feel so frigid with many of the models. Most of the lineup, including the 2020 Subaru Legacy and the three-row 2020 Subaru, offer heated front and second-row seats. They can kick on and warm you up in a flash to help ensure you take away the toughest thing about the winter. A heated steering wheel works to keep the driver's hands warm and ready to react while dual and tri-zone climate controls are options as well!

Never has a lineup been more ready than the one offered by Subaru. Fort Carson drivers won't be afraid to take on anything as the symmetrical all-wheel drive is included with every Subaru vehicle. Some models, like the Subaru Outback, include X-MODE® which prepares you for any condition the Colorado roads (and off-roads) might throw at you.

Want to see these features, and many more, offered by the impressive Subaru lineup? Come check out the new inventory at Heuberger Subaru and get ready for when the weather starts making a turn for the cold!

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