Spring's Sprung, Winter Adventures Are Past, Summer Fun's on the Horizon -- What Subaru Service is Recommended?

There's plenty to see and do here in our neck of the Colorado woods, especially now that the warmer months are soon to be in full swing. It's the right time to service your Subaru.

Whether you plan to do it yourself or bring your car or SUV into our Subaru service department in Colorado Springs, there's some important car care you'll need to put on your list. What it is varies by mileage and the driving you do, sure, but a few basics underpin everything. Learn more in the form of advice from the auto service experts here at Heuberger Subaru.

Flush and change your motor oil and replace your engine's oil filter. This is one of the simplest ways to keep your engine functioning properly and at optimal efficiency. Have you taken care of both, and yet, you're still leaving behind oil spots or a slick after pulling out of your driveway in Schererville or that parking spot in Valparaiso? You may have a crack or leak in the line. You'll need to patch up post haste.
  1. Check fluids. Take a look at each system's fill level. That includes your power steering, brake, and transmission systems, your windshield washer tank, and your coolant network. Do they seem low? Flush, if your owner's manual says you're due, then top them off. Note: some systems are closed, meaning that a low level could indicate a leak. We suggest finding and repairing it on the double. There are few things worse than sitting in a Fort Carson parking lot with unknown fluid pouring everywhere!
  2. Address windshield and wiper issues. Chipped glass or a crack can affect how well your airbags and seatbelts work, not to mention roof stability during a crash. Wiper blades with cracks or that streak indicate breakdown is happening. Make any fixes or replacements as soon as possible. It'll mean not only improved safety on the roads around Fountain but also better visibility in bad Colorado weather.
  3. Check your electrical and battery systems. Though most batteries last four to six years, they can run down or quit without warning. Test your battery's voltage. Is it low? Just plain dead? Swap out the old for the new. Meanwhile, check your cabin lighting and head, tail, brake, and daytime running lights. If you've got other electrical issues, they can range from blown fuses to a dead bulb or two, but even worse, others can come up where they're not as easy to find, and at the least convenient time for that Monument road trip. That's a job for professional car repair technicians like ours.

You can do a lot more, too, if you like, from checking out your belts and hoses to doing the "penny test" on your tires for wear and more. Of course, if you'd prefer that a Subaru service center like ours here in Colorado Springs figure out what you need and handle everything for you, we'll be happy to. Bring your vehicle to our dealership here at 1080 Motor City Drive to get a comprehensive inspection, for starters, and be sure to check out our many special offers on Subaru service before you do. We'll diagnose and repair any problems we find. Plus, we take care of business using only genuine Subaru auto parts and accessories, so, rest assured, the results will be top-notch.

If you'd like to put yourself on the books for a service appointment, you can use our convenient Web scheduling too. Or, if you need extra advice or to talk shop on auto repair, you can call us or drop in for a visit. We look forward to helping you get back on the road to summer fun in no time!

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