Prepare your Vehicle for Winter Adventures - Visit Heuberger Subaru for all your Winter Preparation Needs!

Whether you're planning to stay at your favorite rural cabin or you're looking forward to hitting the mountain slopes, you'll likely want to prepare your vehicle for Colorado winter roads. Here at Heuberger Subaru, our service and parts teams are ready to assist Fort Carson and Fountain drivers with all their winter preparation needs. From helping drivers find the right set of winter tires, to oil changes, to swapping out our summer tires for your winter tires; Heuberger Subaru can help!

Do I really need Winter Tires?

If you're going to be spending any time on icy or snow-laden roads, it's a good idea to go for winter tires. While all-season tires are designed to handle some winter-like elements, winter tires are designed specifically to handle winter conditions. Ensure that you're prepared for the rugged Colorado outdoors; consider winter tires! Stop by our dealership and speak with one of our service and parts team members to learn about various winter tires that meet your unique needs.

Extreme Cold Preparation

What else can I do to prepare my vehicle for Monument winter conditions, you ask? Check out the list below for a few recommendations.

  • Test your battery and charging system
  • Check engine hoses
  • Check your engine's air filter
  • Check your wiper blades efficiency
  • Check your brakes!
  • Check transmission, brake, and power steering fluid levels

There's more Fountain Drivers can do to Prepare for Winter! Schedule a Service Appointment to learn More!

Schedule a service appointment today! Drivers have a few options when it comes to scheduling a service appointment. Stop by our dealership, call, or utilize our website to schedule an appointment online! Just head over to our Service Center and follow the 'schedule service' tab.!

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