Ultimate Camping Guide - Sleep Comfortably In Your Car


Sleeping comfortably in your car can be more of a challenge than you might think. If you're tall, crowded, cold, or hot your safe and cozy Subaru can be a tough place to saw some logs but here are a few ideas to make your Subaru a nicer place to rest.



In many cars, the seats while folded flat ,may still have some low spots or high spots to cause you grief. Address this by using the other gear you have on your trip to fill in low spots. If you are tall, shove that chuck box, extra clothes or backpack in front of the passenger bench seat to extend your sleeping platform. This will position your head between the two fronts eats so that your feet aren’t making contact with the rear lift gate.



When you pull in to camp for the night, pay attention to wear you park. Try to position the wheels on a level spot so that you aren’t sleeping at an angle. If you can’t locate a piece of level ground, try tossing a couple good size rocks on the ground and driving onto them to make your sleeping platform more level.



The inside of a car can grow quite clammy with you and your bed-mates breathing all night long without any outside ventilation. Try leaving a couple windows cracked if weather and mosquitos permit. If it’s raining only lightly, you can also just leave your rear hatch open which can be quite pleasant in a little sprinkle or in clear weather. 



This is car camping we’re talking about so don’t skimp on mattresses and pillows. If you’ve got the space bring a couple sleeping pads for each person to layer up with or bring a super plus inflatable bed that fits.



Don’t forget if you leave things open or use your dome light as you read at night to either be sure everything is off or disconnect your battery while you sleep so you don’t wake up to a dead battery.



Just like a tent, you’ll want to be careful about cooking inside your car. Only a few stoves can be used safely in a car. Obviously, fire danger is one risk but carbon-monoxide is another. Your best bet is to set up a small fire-proof table at your rear bumper and cook with the hatch open. This way, you have plenty of ventilation but can still be out of the rain. Also be mindful of where you are. Would you be better off sleeping with doors locked?


With a some planning and common sense there’s no reason you can’t sleep like hibernating animal in your Subaru. What are some other tips we missed?



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