Subaru of America Prepares Celebrations with 50th Anniversary Looming

On the verge of five decades of brilliance in the automotive industry, Subaru of America has announced celebrations before the February 15, 2018 date when the anniversary will become official, according to a Subaru press release. Celebratory events and even a special edition Subaru model will debut early in 2018, helping to reflect on the magic of Subaru and all that this brand has worked to provide for drivers across America collectively.

Founded in 1968, Subaru has a long-tenured history of carefully crafting vehicles to a fine-tuned precision with all of your main needs as a driver and passenger completely in mind. From the famed SUBARU BOXER® engine to symmetrical all-wheel drive and the heralded advanced Subaru safety, you’ll feel the hard work and commitment baked into this history with every drive that you partake in.

Interested in hearing more about what to expect from the anniversary surrounding Subaru of America? It’s time to give Heuberger Subaru a call, with the perfect opportunity presented to review our new Subaru lineup in the meantime. We are happy to tell you more about what you can expect, set you up with a test drive here in our showroom, and reflect on why we think your future driving a Subaru appears so bright.


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